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Maati - the colours of Bengal. Made out of various coloured clay this collection honours Bengal and the diversity that is visible here. Each colour represents a different colour of clay from which the product has been formed, and only clear glaze has been applied to make the products durable and safe for use.

The Rozana plate comes in 3 colours and will surely become your everyday companion. Each plate is handcrafted and slightly unique. Please note that no 2 plates are exactly alike.

Made in: West Bengal

Material: Stoneware

No. of pieces: 1




Rozana Plate

  • Each product is handmade using stoneware ceramic by local artisans in and around of Calcutta. Due to the handmade nature of our products, pieces may have slight differences from each other and from what is pictured here. A minimum of three artisan's work on each piece to bring you your very own Nitara piece.

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